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Science and Humanities
The Flourishing Earth Project

    Evolutionary Science and
          Sustainability Project

    Science Education Project

Business and Sustainability
Cultural Evolution in Business

    Mobil Solar Initiative project

    Sustainable Business Case
           Studies Project


Mobil Solar Workshop, Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to the
Collins Educational Foundation


Current Events!
Collins Foundation Press has published another
single author books.  Check it out!

Active Peace: A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent Word

CEF enters into partnership with the Presidio Graduate School to develop case studies in Sustainable Business


Journey to Civilization:
The Science Story of

How We Got Here
by Roger Briggs

Becoming Intimate
with the Earth
by Pauline Le Bel

Active Peace:
A Mindful Path to a Nonviolent World

G. Scott Brown

Our Mission

The mission of the
Collins Educational Foundation
is to provide leadership
in humanity’s efforts to
live sustainably on Earth.
The Foundation develops
innovative projects & events in science research, technology, humanities, and sustainability
Our publishing division, the
Collins Foundation Press
publishes books and other
genre that are developed
under the mission of
the Foundation.

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Collins Foundation Press Publishing News
Scott Brown takes his Active Peace
on a 50 City Book Tour
Learn more about his tour
 and sign up for updates on this
great America adventure!


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